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Prenuptial agreements Connecticut

Prenup Connecticut / CT. A can be an important planning tool for couples that are poised to marry. Although many couples shy away from prenups, or even view them as signaling the inevitability of a divorce, the law firm of Bodner Shapiro Law Group, knows from experience that a Prenup can be an extremely useful - even vital - marriage tool. Prenupdo not insinuate that you are expecting a divorce, nor do they imply potential flaws in a relationship. Rather, they provide an opportunity for couples to logically and maturely prepare for the future. Much like insurance, prenuptial agreements protect your assets.

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Regardless of the novelty or complexity of legal questions before us, our law firm always adheres to the highest level of professionalism, transparency, and expediency. Using vast legal resources and utilizing our unique personal perspective and professional experience, we will zealously advocate for our clients to help them reach their objectives and protect their interests.

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