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A car accident is an unfortunate event and it is good to know where you can look for help when it comes to dealing with its negative consequences and legal implications.

 If you were in a car accident, you may need a lawyer, the one you can trust, respect and, like in the case of many immigrants, a lawyer you can understand - the one who speaks your language.

The legal jargon is complicated and often, it makes very little sense to those who do not have a legal background.  This is especially true if English is not your first language.   That is why, it is a good idea to  hire a bilingual attorney who speaks English and the native language that the client speaks.

For example, a Russian immigrant, with an insufficient knowledge of English language, would not be able to properly prepare for and deal with the legal aspects of handling a car accident case.   A Russian-speaking attorney would be the ideal choice for that person.

 If you have been hurt in a car accident in Connecticut (Hartford area) and Massachusetts (Greater Springfield area), then we can help.  Polina Bodner Shapiro is the Russian-speaking lawyer for you, possessing top-level qualifications and professionalism.  Attorney Shapiro is your best option if your first language is Russian.  She will help you in your native language; she will understand your culture and your specific needs. 

Springfield, MA & Hartford, CT Car Accident Lawyer

Hartford, CT Car Accident Lawyer and
Springfield, MA Car Accident Lawyer

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